Bronze Age



In the early 3rd century Millennium ends the Neolithic Age and begins the Bronze Age. In the prefecture of Drama, life continued in Neolithic settlements, while some new ones were creating. In Sitagri, in Drama and «Arkadikos», in villages, such as Petroussa, Mylopotamos, Kalos Agros, Ano Symvoli, Xiropotamos, Doxato, Kallifytos, Nikiforos, Platania and in the valley of Nestos river, there are settlements of Bronze Age. New type settlements were created and we observe cultural, social and economic changes. It was still metalworking and residents produced alloys of copper and tin. Populations were moving and trade was growing. In the prefecture, there have been the first metallurgical samples by the settlement of Sitagri, since the mid-5th BC millennium (Phase III). The excavation found fragments of clay crucibles with molten copper parts, with needles and beads, made of pure copper and a gold bead. Most items of daily life in the early Bronze Age come from the excavations in Sitagri settlement. Upper floor plan of the «burning house» belongs to Phase III.
In Sitagri residence, we distinguish three phases of the Early Bronze Age:
a) Phase IV – with samples of pile buildings, there are narrow streets, among them.
b) Phase Va - with a vaulted house, which was destroyed by fire and is called «burnt house».
c) Phase Vb with vaulted, pile house, called «long house».

The«burnt house» is a typical house of the early Bronze Age. The hall, the main room of the house and the little «vaulted room» in depth, storage jars are the distinguished parts and continue to exist in the Late Bronze Age, as well as, the settlements of Nikiforos, Platania and Xiropotamos. At the same time, others were creating in new positions near rivers, such as Kali Vrysi – located in the «Great oven» for food preparation and its storage. Sitagri settlement was deserted before the end of the Early Bronze Age (2000 BC). There are a few settlements in the plain of Drama «Toumba» or in hilly and fortified places, such as those of Potami and Exochi. The settlements are small with fortification walls around.
In Potami and Exochi were excavated tombs in burial-cremation. We stand out vases with incised decoration and white color and Mycenaean pottery of local workshops, as well, (Archaeological Museum of Drama).