Ecclesiastical Museum



The Museum of the Holy Drama Metropolis, which was founded during the period Dionysus D, who served as a Bishop, is in a recently renovated five-storey isolated ward of the Episcopal Palace, on Venizelos Street of Drama. The spacious and extremely natty rooms expose ecclesiastical treasures of priceless intellectual and artistic value. Images of Virgin Mary Odigitria (Guider) and Christ, who blesses - of 13th century - and other images of the 17th century and especially of the 19th century, adorn and sanctify the space. In addition, vestments, sacred vessels and covers, of the 19th century, the keepsake of Chrysostom Bishop of Drama and Smyrna, are the important exhibits of the museum. Many of the exhibits are relics that refugees carried from Asia Minor and Pontus, in 1922, from the churches of ancient foci to their new home, as the most precious cargo at the time of displacement. About the organized pilgrims and visitors are encouraged to contact the Office of Drama Metropolis, before their visit to the museum.