Speleological Tourism


For the lovers of caves in the prefecture of Drama, we propose Springs Cave of Aggitis  - 1 8(Maara) - just 25 km NW (northern west) of Drama – at the springs of Aggitis River.
The Cave is passable until 2,650m, due to the opening techniques they have made ​​so far. With an overall length of at least 12 km and an exploited section of 500m, the Cave presents to the visitors a magnificent spectacle of nature.
Stalactites of various shapes and sizes adorn the cave. Diverse stalactites and stalagmites, coexist in harmony with the undergrou  -   37nd waters of the river, decorate and create rare forms, so beautiful, inside the Cave. An old, picturesque water wheel lifting, adorns the first part of the Cave.
The water temperature is 13 Celsius degrees and the temperature inside the Cave is 17 Celsius degrees.
This unique Cave offers great experiences, because it is an organized hangout for excursions.
Its exploration is a fascinating experience for fans of this type of alternative tourism.


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